Friday, November 11, 2005

Web Presence essential to Philippine Recruitment

The internet has change the way recruitment agencies do business. Foreign employers are conducting dealings via the recruiters email address posted in their website. There are even times that conducting pre-assessment and final interview are done through the web cam and physical appearance in the Philippines is no longer necessary. These reduce the cost both for the Principal and Recruitment agency.

A typical hiring flow in Philippine recruitment is shown below:
Principal searches the internet to look for a prospective recruitment counterpart.
Visits the recruiter’s website and sends an email inquiring about their job orders (service fees, availability of the applicants, requirements, etc.).
Philippine recruitment agency answers the email and sends out manpower availability including their bio-data and other information.
Principal conducts pre/final assessment.
Principal downloads the template documents for POLO authentication.
Principal sends the authenticated documents and wire transfers the service fee to the Philippine recruitment agency.
The Philippine recruitment agency processes the documents with the POEA and sends the tentative deployment dates of the applicants.
Applicants are then deployed and arrival confirmations are sent via the email.

If the recruitment agency fails to have a web presence then the company is missing out recruitment leads which are very essential in the recruitment business. Web presence will enable your company to promote your company by letting your target customers find who and what are your service offerings.

However, having a mere website is not enough to be competitive in the global market. Your company website should have the following features so that your customer’s will have an easy navigation in surfing your site. The following should be present to have a successful website:

Fast loading
Browser compatibility – W3C compliant will be an added advantage.
Design look – this must be pattern on the company’s own marketing image.
Precise information – the contents of the website must precisely what the user needs to see.
Search engine friendly – appropriate meta-tags must be properly be integrated within the website so that it can be indexed by the search engines.

In conclusion, though the internet is not the only tool in reaching our potential Principals, it enables our target customers to find us, know us, and do business with us by recruiting more Filipinos in the international job market.

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